Cloud Messaging Center

Cloud Messaging Center (CMC) is an enterprise focused messaging platform that provides application-to-peer (A2P), peer-to-application (P2A), and machine-to-machine (M2M) two-way messaging. The CMC system has a wide verity of API’s to connect with existing IT infrastructure for sending text messages to customers, partners, and employees around the globe.

This messaging solution supports the legacy paging protocols including TAP, SNPP, and WCTP. It provides a seamless method to communicate with pagers.

From your PC, you can easily send two-way IP messages to multiple devices and across multiple carriers. It supports WCTP, SMPP, HTTP and MM7 protocols.

This solution allows for email to text messaging and text back to email. The SMTP protocol is supported as a way to set up an email client for communication.

Use this solution to send two-way messages to securely connect and monitor devices and machines. The SMPP and MM7 protocols allow for an enhanced functionality for M2M messaging.

You can deliver SMS text notifications using our straightforward and easy-to-use REST APIs. Integrate directly into your own system, website, or application.