Customer Relationship Management

Customer Engagement

  • Deliver customer engaging messages for product updates, promotions, coupons, reminders and news
  • Ensure messages are delivered to the right user, to stay compliant
  • Send shipment and delivery notifications


  • Hospitals can integrate messaging services into existing IT paging systems for pager replacement
  • Hospitals can send notifications to staff regarding shift changes, on-call staff backfills, and schedule updates
  • Care providers can send appointment reminders to patients to reduce missed appointments
  • Pharmacies can send text message notifications to patients when a prescription is ready, or send an alert for refills and expirations

Connected Car

  • Send automatic crash notifications to emergency personnel
    has been in an accident for an automatic accident response
  • Provide access for emergency services and roadside assistance
  • Send real-time traffic information
  • Send vehicle diagnostics information and maintenance alerts

The Internet of Things (IoT) Messaging

  • Leverage Machine-to-Machine (M2M) messaging to track the location of assets
  • Monitor inventory levels for products
  • Read Smart Meters for updates of usage for billing purposes
  • Detect temperature and energy monitoring


  • Send targeted campus alerts to students during an emergency
  • Provide school closings or delay notifications
  • Deliver updated information for on campus events
  • Engage parent, student and teacher communication with messaging

Services Industry

  • Send Application-to-Person (A2P) messages to provide status information about pump, tank levels and equipment
  • Send alerts for fire alarms and security sensors
  • Provide updates on status of HVAC systems
  • Request maintenance dispatch
  • Vending companies can check sales and inventory levels
  • Remotely monitor temperatures within a fleet or a vehicle